29 November, 2005

Dimensionally transcendent

The front cover of the Christmas double issue Radio Times has been revealed - and it's the TARDIS.

Fine as this undoubtedly is, I'm not sure about devoting the entire cover to just one programme. Radio Times hasn't done that for a fair few years, preferring to go with some kind of seasonal tableau or a gaudy confection of baubles and tinsel. I can imagine the sight of the good Doctor's calling card adorning one of the most crucial of all festive armchair props pissing a lot of people off.

In addition I almost don't want there to be any more publicity about the Christmas Doctor Who, in case it turns out to be even slightly less than my already Everest-sized expectations will allow. All the same, it's somewhat thrilling to see the show get such a plug, the same way it bagged the front of RT earlier in the year not once but twice.

And what with all the snow from yesterday having already disappeared, seeing the cover has done no small job in helping to kindle a bit of nicely premature Christmas spirit.

Other Type 40 time machines are available.


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