04 January, 2006

Subway sect

In the latest attempt by management to get their staff on side, on message and generally on the level, we were all treated to a free lunch at work today. Or rather, that was what we were told.

An email came round yesterday informing us that the sandwich company Subway would be on the premises from 12pm to 2pm, giving away some of their supposedly top-class range of bread-based snack treats at no charge whatsoever. We were welcome to help ourselves, entirely on the generosity of the company.

Well, you don't get something for nothing much these days, as Bob Hoskins used to say in those BT adverts, so I deliberately didn't take any lunch into work and instead looked forward to joining the hordes in a shameless act of taking the king's shilling. Except when I got to the place where the sandwiches were being given out, they were all of the same kind. And they all contained meat. Turkey, to be precise - presumably leftovers from 25th December.

"Well, that's no good!" I shouted feebly before exiting the premises with a couple of other fellow vegetarians. "What a load of bollocks," I more confidently declared, albeit out of Subway's earshot. But honestly - even the crappiest of corner cafes can rustle up a non-meat option if pressed nowadays. A bit of forewarning wouldn't have gone amiss, if only for giving me a chance to prepare my usual stuff and not have to go and pay for something extra in the canteen.

Of course it wasn't really something for nothing, as the money that went on funding Subway's ostensible giveaway will have come out of another budget. Presumably the one set aside for fixing that lock on one of the cubicles in the men's toilets that's been broken for three years. Still, I felt hard done by and cheated all the same.

More feud for thought.


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