14 February, 2006

Life laundry

Aware of the amount of clutter I've been throwing up during my half-hearted attempts to pack, and equally aware of the amount I've been throwing out, I decided to take a dozen or so unwanted items into work today and see if I could persuade my otherwise unknowing colleagues to make a purchase.

The boss was away, of course, as were a couple of other naysayers and killjoys, so the atmosphere was properly conducive to a bit of amiable auctioneering. And sure enough, I managed to flog the majority of artefacts, albeit for shockingly low prices and to an almost universally reluctant audience of bidders.

I don't know what they made of my eccentric haul of esoterica, nor my alternately befuddled and angry attempts at salesmanship. Nonetheless, I emerged from it all £10.65 better off, and with the knowledge that unlike most days of late I'd actually gone to work and achieved something.

Items sold
- One circular non-stick baking tin
- One lemon squeezer
- A limited edition (well, of 5000) mug marking the 1999 eclipse of the sun
- A thunderously boring book called Planet Simpson about the titular cartoon series, of which I'd barely read 20 of its 200 plus pages
- 'Tiger Milk' by Belle And Sebastian on CD
- 'London Calling' by The Clash on CD
- Band Of Brothers video box set

Items not sold
- One green plastic tray
- Two cork place mats
- 'Pop' by U2 on cassette
(All offers gratefully received)


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