19 July, 2006

No yolk

This preposterous picture just about sums up the lunacy of the weather at the present time. There's no way that egg has just been fried on that bonnet. It's been placed there for the camera, dammit!

Doesn't this woman have anything better to do? Like, say, fry an egg for somebody to actually eat?

I don't know what's going on anymore. I feel like I'm trapped in a neverending continental balmy fug which is rendering everything utterly unfamiliar and alien. The heatwave shows no sign of stopping. Its grip merely tightens, and its deathly hand upon all aspects of my life is unremitting and intensely terrifying.

I dream of days when thinking about the weather was never an option, when it was just there in the background, unnoticed, unexceptional, unthreatening.


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