25 August, 2006

Electronic watchamacallit

It's always the way that the things which conspire to frustrate you in life swing from one extreme of magnitude to the other.

Today was a bit of a nightmare at work after I spilled some tea on my computer and, despite mopping most of it up, ended up with a right cursor key that no longer worked. Given the fact I only received this computer a couple of months ago it was all rather embarrassing, not to say deeply irritating at the way the malfunction impeded my normal tasks and kept sending my machine haywire.

What's doubly frustrating, of course, is the fact you can get so angry about being so frustrated by such a remarkably inconsequential and trivial thing as a computer key in the first place. It's a sobering reminder of how in the thrall you are to otherwise inanimate bits of plastic, metal and circuitry, and how they have the potential to render your life a torment despite existing only to do what you tell them to do.

I can only hope any remaining tea sloshing around inside the machine dries out over the bank holiday weekend. And I can only hope the weather outside doesn't do the same.


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