06 October, 2006

Fifteen score

This is the 300th post I've made on Visions Before Midnight, but things have reached that point now where such milestones start to have diminishing resonance. 300 might as well be 350, or 400 - it's just another Big Number.

I suppose were I to make it to 1000 I'd feel a surge of, well, something (pride, hopefully), but that tally just feels so far off and implausible that it too has no meaning. Quantity has officially been superseded by longevity, and I will soon be able to measure the existence of this blog not by individual entries but calendar years.

Saying all that, I'll promptly do what I've done loads of times and flip things around by stating I can't think of anything offhand that I have notched up 300 instances of. If you see what I mean.

Discounting such practices as meals, nights sleeping up a particular roof or journeys along a particular route or path, to have done 300 of something is a rarity for me. Rather, a rarity for me at this time of my life. I own more than 300 of various items, formats and objects, but I didn't create them. They're not my handiwork. So I suppose 300 can be imbued with some degree of significance, albeit qualified by the all-encompassing cloak of being a Big Number.

The act of creating should be something to be celebrated in its own right, pursued for its own right and perpetrated for its own sake. If it has any consequences, positive or otherwise, upon yourself or anybody else, then that should be purely incidental and coincidentally fortuitous. If everyone is done to order, order becomes the substitute for impulse and then everybody is doomed.


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