27 February, 2006

Downtown lights

From my new window I can see right out across the entire northern sweep of the city, a view that gains in scope what it loses in clarity, and which looks best round about this time of night when all the hard edges and grimy angles are blacked out and only the illuminations are visible. The M1 curves round from behind my left to disappear somewhere in the middle distance, enveloped in its ambiguous terminus just north of Cricklewood. At the moment I think of it as my one link with everything I've left behind, and to be reminded of its presence, replete with a neverending steam of vehicles both heading in and out of London, is somehow intensely reassuring.


Blogger Stefano said...

I like what you have written in this posting. It is like reading a little poem before bedtime for a better morning after.

11:01 pm  

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