08 June, 2006

Anniversary upgrade

Two things to note this evening.

One, this is the 200th entry to this blog. Two, it is the first to have been posted using broadband. Yup, for all that time since last November I'd been soldiering on with a simple dial-up connection, as I had for the previous five years ever since I got my very own computer.

I remember reading online somewhere recently a bold statement from somebody to the effect that "nobody I know has dial-up anymore." That was, and still is, quite patently bollocks. My mum and dad, for instance, have only ever had a dial-up connection. So did my sister, until she moved in with her boyfriend earlier this year. And so did I, until last night. In fact, maybe it is just my family that has proved to be the exception to the rule. Hmmm.

It surely can't be the case that dial-up connections are now in the minority? Could it? Or could it? Perhaps...it could. Or could it?

To be honest I've only switched now, rather than any point in the future, because one of the precious few perks of my job is that they pay for broadband to be installed in the homes of their employees.

The thinking here is to allow you to work from home one day a week. Unfortunately this thinking doesn't extend to ensuring you have a computer which is compatible with the company's various systems and applications, which mine is not. So until they bother to furnish me with a laptop that I can both use in the office and bring back here, or I deign to buy myself a whole new machine, I must continue to make the selfless slog across London five days a week.

Ah well. Into every life a little rain must fall. And as another baking hot day takes its leave, there's just not bloody enough.

P.S. As if to prove an especially petulant point, for some reason posting this update has taken twice as long as it used to do when I had dial-up.


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