26 August, 2006

Around London IV

It being the bank holiday weekend, replete with one extra day to play with, there was no excuse for me not to complete another leg of my circumnavigation.

So I have, spending today walking clockwise from Falconwood to Crystal Palace, adding almost another dozen miles to the tally and in the process passing the halfway mark. This wasn't so significant, however, as the fact the weather was mercifully kind: cool, overcast, fresh and occasionally rainy.

Despite it only being a few weeks since the heatwave ended, it was somehow reassuring to see the grass in the various parks and town squares that I walked through already recovering its colour and vibrancy, while everywhere there was signs of autumn: horse chestnuts, leaves turning brown, wild blackberries and raspberries, a softer light in the sky.

Not that there weren't some grim and depressing stretches of the route; there always are. But one of the real joys of this entire venture has been the way the wasteground and graffiti and cascades of litter lurking round one corner are more often than not gone when you go round the next; and what is a resoundingly desolate part of London this half hour will always give way to something else, something different, half an hour later.

Day 4: Falconwood - Crystal Palace
Miles Added: 11.75
Total Miles Completed: 42.25
Total Miles Outstanding: 35.75


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