24 October, 2006

Around London VII

I've got the week off work, which has afforded me - among other things - the chance to get my circumnavigation of London wrapped up.

It was the penultimate leg today, picking up where I left off last time in Richmond and striking north to get as far as I could towards my home turf of Barnet before exhausation took over.

As it was I made far more progress than I expected, aided in no small measure by the weather. It was pissing it down for much of the time, a complete contrast to the climate in which I finished the previous leg. Indeed, autumn was inescapable all along the route, even when the sun came out towards the end. Yet it made for excellent walking conditions, even if it meant navigating by far the muddiest stretch of my journey so far. I've never walked through so many puddles in such a short space of time.

Yet again I was alone for miles and miles. Occasionally I would pass a runner, or fisherman, or even somebody who looked like they might have been gripped by the same idea as me and were making their own tottering way around the capital's edge. But for most of the time I was completely by myself. London: the most crowded, most lonely city in the world.

I did pass through Greenford and Perivale, however, neither of which were particularly deserted, and both of which had nothing to distinguish them apart from the former appearing in a Fry and Laurie sketch and the latter having dubious Doctor Who credentials.

Day 7: Richmond - Sudbury
Miles Added: 10.75
Total Miles Completed: 70
Total Miles Outstanding: 8


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