26 October, 2006

Around London VIII

The last lap.

I wasn't expecting to feel quite so morose as I neared the finish, to be honest; I though it'd be a grand occasion, with a sense of pride and accomplishment surging through me and a real thrill at completing such an epic journey. Instead, as I grew closer to home and the landscape became familiar, I only felt a sorrow that the adventure was coming to an end and there was nowhere left to explore.

The fact I was walking wounded didn't help. I'd cut my hand climbing over a gate covered in barbed wire; I'd hurt the muscles in the bridge of my left foot and was limping; I'd also got soaking wet shoes thanks to it pissing it down yet again and most of the route taking me across sodden fields. But the weather undoubtedly leant proceedings an atmospheric air, which my photos, particularly the last one reproduced below, go some way to capturing.

I also had to walk through Harrow, a village seemingly owned entirely by the titular school, and through whose playing fields I had to walk - the playing fields, of course, upon which the First World War was won. Allegedly.

The entire undertaking has been a real eye-opener for me. I'd never have banked on there being so much isolated beauty and variations in landscape within the boundaries of Greater London. I'd also never have expected to spend so much of the walk entirely alone. I can't quite believe what I've done, and perhaps never will, but the evidence is recorded here and on my camera and somewhere in the back of my mind.

I've certainly done nothing like it before in my entire life. I doubt I ever will again.

Day 8: Sudbury - Hendon
Miles Added: 8
Total Miles Completed: 78
Total Miles Outstanding: 0


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